Boottochten Stael (Bruges Boat Tour)

Boottochten Stael (Bruges Boat Tour)

If you find yourself in Bruges, Belgium, I highly suggest that you find yourself on a lovely tour of the canals, via boat.

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June 12, 2023
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During the course of my comprehensive tour of Bruges and Ghent – Belgium’s Fairytale Cities by Brussels City Tours, I knew that I wanted to truly take in Bruges via the water. The canals criss cross the city, framing picturesque landscapes as they’ve done for centuries. I felt that it would be only fitting for such a magical experience.

Our tour guide, David, had informed us that the cost for the boat tour would be €12. As I’d prepared and had the cash on hand, I didn’t have to deal with any delays like others.

So, at the appointed time at the Belfry of Bruges, the tour group rejoined and we all walked over to Boottochten Stael. As we filed in our appropriate positions to walk down the plank and onto the low boat.

Overall, it was a case of low effort – but I enjoyed it.  The driver puttered along, as pre recorded statements concerning the history of Bruges  and certain spots played in both English and Spanish.

As we passed other tours, I saw that their boat captains were more engaging. But sometimes, you just need a calm, casual ride to enjoy and get off your feet for 30 minutes.

With that being said, I enjoyed the tour.

Why? Because I was in Bruges.

When in Bruges, take a boat tour.


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