Seli’s Noodlebar

My lunch at Seli’s Noodlebar checked all the right boxes for a delicious lunch experience in Ghent, Brussels

After an emotional time at Sint-Baafs Cathedral in Ghent, I knew I needed to eat lunch. I knew I had an hour before  rejoining fellow tourists on the Bruges and Ghent – Belgium’s Fairytale Cities by Brussels City Tours, so I wanted something quick, easy to eat and with outstanding reviews.

After a quick look at internet reviews (they work! – for example, you reading this!) I settled on Seli’s Noodlebar. It was close – literally right around the corner – and had top tier recent reviews.

I ordered the LOEMPIA’S MET SCAMPI (Spring rolls with shrimp), NOEDEL SOEP MET GEBRADEN END (Noodle soup with roasted duck) alongside a bottle of  DELIRIUM TREMENS (Belgium blond beer).

I knew I was in the right place when my server brought out the shrimp chips to snack on.

Big fan of shrimp chips. HUGE.

Next came the spring rolls with shrimp. When they arrived, I was honestly shocked at the high quality, flakiness of the crispy fried wonton and the flavor of the shrimp. I savored eat bite, after generous swirls in the accompanying sauce.

Not too much later, the noodle soup with duck arrived. Now, at this point, I realized I’d severely underestimated how much food would arrive in my order vs how much time I had to eat. The bowl was huge, warming and delicious.

Best of all, when my bowl arrived, my server asked if I wanted to make it spicy. When I said yes, she handed me a little container of magic. It transformed the flavor of the broth with the right amount of spice and heat.

The noodles were the perfect texture, consistency and flavor. The broth was warm and inviting. The duck was cooked to crispy perfection. It was an added bonus that I could also see another batch of fresh noodles being made as well.

Honestly, I wanted to take the whole bowl to go – but couldn’t. Why? I simply did not want to be THAT PERSON on a bus of 40 people, while sitting next to a stranger. Deliciously smelly noodles to go? I wish…

Plus, what if the take away bowl of liquid spilled on my camera equipment? Pass.

Some delicious things are best savored and enjoyed in the moment. Lunch at Seli’s Noodlebar, while reflecting on my time at Sint-Baafs Cathedral, was one of those experiences.

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Seli's Noodlebar

Limburgstraat 28
Gent, Belgium 9000
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