The Hoxton, Amsterdam

The Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was perfectly situated close to everything and everywhere I wanted to be in Amsterdam

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June 10, 2023
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Leaving The Hoxton, Brussels was a mixed bag of feelings. I loved the newness of the hotel, the phenomenal cuisine at Cantina Valentina and the tour that I took of Bruges and Ghent. However, I simply became visually tired of the brutalist architecture that greeted me outside my window, every morning. In contrast to my previous trip to Brussels, this trip left me slightly drained. In fact, Sara said it best when she summed up her experience in Brussels by saying that it was the Bakersfield of Europe.

After taking the train from Brussels to Amsterdam, I felt my energy transition to a higher vibe. Seeing the rolling countryside of Belgium transition to The Netherlands was refreshing. After arriving at Amsterdam Centraal, I felt the vibrancy of the city. I was awake, alive and ready to adventure again.

After making my way to the Uber pick up zone at the train station, I was quickly on my way to The Hoxton, Amsterdam.

Less than 15 minutes later, I felt like I was in a completely different world than the one I woke up with that morning in Belgium. Situated next to a canal, The Hoxton, Amsterdam is clean, socially vibrant, well appointed and simply beautiful.

As I requested a room that had a beautiful view during my reservation process, upon check in I was given a top room that overlooked a canal.

I absolutely delighted in looking out of my window and watching different boats pass by.

Even though I’d booked a “cozy” room, I felt that the room was actually comfortable. It gave me enough space to actually open my suitcase up somewhere else other than my bed.

During the course of my stay, I enjoyed a lovely welcome drink, breakfast and dinner at Lotti’s.

Plus, The Hoxton, Brussels was walkable to Mari Hari in the Red Light District, Amsterdam Centraal and everything I wanted to see and experience in Amsterdam.

Simply put, staying at The Hoxton, Amsterdam was a warm and welcoming breath of fresh air and the perfect pied-à-terre for exploring the city.

The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Herengracht 255
Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands 1016 BJ

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