Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar is an awesome spot to meet friends over breakfast and breakfast related cocktails in Venice

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May 13, 2023
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The beautiful thing about being friends with Leanne is that she’s such a powerhouse of creativity and thought provoking conversation. One minute, we could be talking about her band playing at the Whiskey A Go Go  – and how she preferred playing at the House of Blues.

The next? A conversation concerning the idea around artificial intelligent being on track to gain a consciousness and make decisions on its own. Along with a discussion of how human brains have shifted and changed based on the algorithm of social media. Then, how that feedback loop as distorted the collective unconsciousness. Alongside the penetrating question of what is the future of human consciousness?

Sometimes, you just need a friend you can get into deep philosophical conversations with over morning coffee.

Nighthawk is simply really, really cool. Our table was next to a giant open window. Which, due to the location of Nighthawk being a few blocks from the Venice Pier and the Pacific Ocean, was fantastic for a cool breeze.

Browsing the menu, Leanne mentioned that she loved Bloody Marys – but rarely ordered them. Since I hadn’t had a Bloody Mary in years, I said – let’s just do it. So, two  CANDIED BACON MARY (vodka, house-made tomato juice, pepper and spice blend, Tapatio-candied bacon garnish) made our way to the table.

Chilling to the classic 90s playlist of the venue, it was easy to feel relaxed and converse. But, we also had to remember to eat. Soon, two BIGBIRD & SHORTSTACK (buttermilk fried chicken, sweet potato pancakes, cookie dough butter, apple-cinnamon gastrique, scallions) plates were placed before us.

Wow, wow and even one more wow.

That was so filling, so rich and delicious that I couldn’t finish it. The cookie dough butter was a legit lesson in unexpected oral pleasure. The sweet potato pancakes were just so, so, so good. The presentation – and taste – of the meal was everything I could want in breakfast in Venice.

After our plates were taken away and the check was paid, we chilled a bit more and conversed about the nature of personal reality. Soon, close to two hours passed and it was time to say goodbye.

As I drove my car up PCH and through the coastal roads of Pacific Palasades, I thought about some things. Mainly, yes – it’s okay to be concerned about the future. But what’s even more important? Living and enjoying life, right now. In the moments we have above ground.

Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

417 Washington Blvd
Venice, California 90292

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