Mission San Jose of the San Antonio Missions

Visiting the Mission San Jose of the San Antonio Missions was a distinct learning experience about the history of Southern Texas

On a rather lovely day in Austin, I found myself in a desire to find someone unique and interesting to do. Since I’ve always been a fan of history and of understanding human migration, I did a quick search or what could fit that criteria around the Austin / Houston and San Antonio area.

I quickly found the San Jose Mission in San Antonio. So, after a short trip from Tommie Austin, I arrived.

The San Jose Mission in San Antonio, Texas, was founded in 1720 by Franciscan missionaries as part of a network of missions established by Spain in the region.

The mission was originally located along the banks of the San Antonio River, but it was moved to its current location in 1726 due to repeated flooding. The new location was on higher ground and provided better protection from floods.

The mission quickly became an important center of agriculture and industry, with the native Coahuiltecan people working to grow crops, tend livestock, and produce goods such as pottery, textiles, and ironwork.

During the Texas Revolution in the 1830s, the mission was abandoned and fell into disrepair. It was later restored in the early 1900s, and today it is part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The San Jose Mission is considered one of the finest examples of Spanish colonial architecture in the United States, with its distinctive white stucco walls, carved stone facades, and ornate bell tower. Visitors to the mission can explore the church, the convento (living quarters), and the surrounding gardens and grounds.

On of the most intellectually interesting parts of the Mission for me was the gift shop. After touring the grounds, I bought some great books about the history of black Texans, black cowboys of the region and the history of freed and enslaved blacks of Texas.

My visit to Mission San Jose of the San Antonio Missions was vastly interesting and a great day trip from Austin, Texas.

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Mission San Jose of the San Antonio Missions

6701 San José Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78214
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