Kayaking the La Jolla Caves with Everyday California

Kayaking the La Jolla Caves with Everyday California provided a fun way to enjoy the Pacific Ocean, off the San Diego area coastline

In planning a trip to San Diego, the one thing that I wanted as our peak experience: kayaking the La Jolla Caves. I’d previously done a kayaking experience along the coastline with another tour company. However, wanting a experience, I booked our kayaking experience with Everyday California.

When we arrived, I loved the store front with various cute items. We changed into bathing suits in a clean, comfortable area.

We walked a short way to the beach. The kayaks were already there and ready for our group’s adventure.

With assistance, we were all launched effortlessly into the surf and collected as a group off the shoreline.

La Jolla Caves

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of La Jolla, California, lie the mesmerizing sea caves that have intrigued adventurers and nature enthusiasts for centuries. These natural wonders, known as the Seven Caves of La Jolla.

The caves illustrated the relentless power of the Pacific Ocean, which carved intricate passageways and chambers into the sandstone cliffs over millions of years. As I sat in my kayak, gazing up at the towering cliffs, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at the forces of nature that had shaped this landscape.

With its ancient history, stunning natural beauty, and sense of adventure, it’s no wonder that the Seven Caves of La Jolla remain a must-visit destination for curious seekers. The best part of the experience was that the tide was solid enough for all of us to be able to go into the caves and take photos.

I delighted taking photos of the striking play of light cascading into the cave, playing on the waves and landscape. Plus, photographing the sleeping sea lions added to the majesty of the experience.


Overall, the group kayaking experience with Everyday California was fun. The weather was perfect, the vibes were right and it was a beautiful experience in the Pacific Ocean.

Plus, I picked up a super cute, soft sweatshirt at the Everyday California store front.

I was left satisfied with yet another lovely planned weekend in San Diego, California.

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