Artisan Pizza & Mozzarella Culinary Class at The Farmhouse at Ojai Valley Inn

The Artisan Pizza & Mozzarella Culinary Class at The Farmhouse at Ojai Valley Inn offered a fun experience in a spectacular location in Ojai, California

When Johann first told me that Ojai Valley Inn offered cooking classes at their event space, The Farmhouse, I was curious. But, after viewing their selections offered, I immediately booked The Art of Macaron class – along with the Artisan Pizza & Mozzarella Culinary Class.

Arriving to Ojai Valley Inn

As it was my first class and I was driving up from Los Angeles, I tried to time my arrival. However, With traffic and travel time, I arrived a bit after the class started. I was nervous and slightly shy – as I usually get in super new situations. However, when I arrived to Ojai Valley Inn, my car was easily whisked away by the valet. I was then driven by golf cart to The Farmhouse.

The Farmhouse

I remember taking cooking and technique classes at Williams-Sonoma, watching the chef cook and promote their showcase recipe of the week. I thought THAT was the entry point into the finer aspects of life. Plus, I loved using what I learned in class, at home. It felt fun to explore and learn – and then implement a new technique, tip or the like, later.

I thought it couldn’t get better than that.

Well, walking into the grand space of The Farmhouse made me want to tear up in joy. I can’t explain it. It felt that I had unlocked a level of luxury that I didn’t even know existed.

I was greeted and hit with an incredible wave of pleasure and excitement. I was immediately guided to an open station that was right in the front. It felt that it was waiting for me.

I was right where I belonged: in the front row to absorb and bask in everything.

Now, making pizza is a delightful experience that blends creativity with the joy of sharing delicious food. From kneading the dough to choosing the perfect toppings, every step is an opportunity to infuse my personal touch and passion into the process.

We followed along as we were instructed how to make mozzarella. More wine flowed as I enjoyed the tactile sensation of stretching the pizza dough and felt it transform under my hands.

As I layered on the sauce, cheese, and toppings, each ingredient adds its own aroma and flavor, creating a tantalizing anticipation for the final result.

This was cooking as a luxurious pleasure. I savored every moment of the whole experience.

The cooking class felt like a communal activity that brought us all together. Using the best of the best tools while standing in the atmosphere of The Farmhouse gave me a distinct sense of pride and accomplishment.

After the main cooking portion was complete, we made our way out to the farm area. We sipped wine and enjoyed the luscious space as we all waited patiently to have our pizzas wood fired.

The best part? The shared delight as everyone took the first bites of their creations.

I can’t even describe in words how delicious my pizza was. That first bite, savoring the blend of flavors and the warmth of homemade goodness, long with the energy of The Farmhouse, was brilliant.

The night was completed with a square of cake, topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.


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The Farmhouse at Ojai Valley Inn

905 Country Club Road
Ojai, California 93023
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