Ice Castles Utah

Ice Castles Utah was a wonderful winter wonderland of icy fun, in Midway, Utah

The story of Ice Castles in Utah began in 2009 when Brent Christensen, a father of six, built an ice cave in his backyard in Alpine, Utah, as a winter activity for his children. Using a system of icicles, water, and wooden frames, Christensen created a stunning ice formation that attracted attention from neighbors and passersby. His creation sparked an idea, and in 2011, he launched the first Ice Castles attraction in Midway, Utah, transforming his backyard hobby into a winter wonderland open to the public.

Now, I didn’t know anything about Ice Castles Utah when I booked my weekend stay at Park City Peaks Hotel. But, once the extremely friendly front desk agent enthusiastically recommended Ice Castles, I immediately made reservations.

Since it’s humble beginnings, Ice Castles in Utah have grown in both size and popularity, becoming a beloved seasonal attraction for locals and tourists alike. Each year, skilled artisans meticulously construct the ice formations, using hundreds of thousands of icicles and thousands of LED lights to create dazzling displays of color and texture.

During our visit, I delighted in exploring the towering ice towers, winding ice tunnels, and intricate ice sculptures. It was truly a magical experience amidst the winter landscape of Utah. Complete with delicious hot chocolate!

Today, Ice Castles has expanded beyond Utah to include locations in other states such as Colorado, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, yet its roots remain firmly planted in Utah where it all began. Since this trip, I’ve also visited Ice Castles in New York.

Visiting Ice Castles Utah is such a unique exhibition of art, ice and fun for people of all ages.

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Ice Castles Utah

2002 Olympic Drive
Midway, Utah 84049
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