Ice Castles New York

After visiting Ice Castles in Utah, visiting Ice Castles New York was an outstanding visual display of the beauty of carved ice and lights as an art form

Ice Castles Utah was first created in 2011 by Brent Christensen, a father of six and an ice artist who was inspired to create the attraction after building an ice cave for his daughter in his backyard. He then began creating ice structures for friends and neighbors before eventually turning his hobby into a business.

I first learned about Ice Castles while searching for things to do during a visit to Park City, Utah. When I called my hotel, Park City Peaks Hotel, the extremely friendly front desk agent spoke exceptionally highly of the experience.

Now, in their various locations across America, the Ice Castles brand features stunning ice sculptures, tunnels, slides, and other frozen features. The attraction is created by a team of ice artisans who grow and harvest icicles and then carefully arrange them into towering ice structures.

I absolutely loved my experience at Ice Castles Utah – especially the wonderful hot chocolate!

So, imagine my lovely surprise when the opening day of Ice Castles New York lined up with the time I would be in Upstate New York! I was ecstatic. I bought my ticket immediately and counted down the days until my scheduled admission date and time.

Once I arrived in Lake George, finding Ice Castles and parking was relatively easy. Instead of worrying about trying to find free parking – I just paid for convenient parking in the parking lot.

It was truly a lovely experience. Especially, when it began lightly snowing around me.

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Ice Castle New York

Charles R. Wood Park at 19 W Brook Rd
Lake George, New York 12845
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