New York Botanical Garden

Walking the grounds of the New York Botanical Garden was a visual and sensual journey that allowed me to see a different aspect of New York City

The New York Botanical Garden has a storied history that began in the late 19th century. Founded in 1891 by botanists Nathaniel Lord Britton and Elizabeth Knight Britton, along with other prominent New Yorkers, the garden’s mission was to establish a world-class botanical institution in the heart of New York City. Moving to Bronx Park in 1895, it has since flourished across 250 acres of diverse landscapes.

From the The Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA,. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and basking in a fair amount of botanical gardens. Walking the grounds of the New York Botanical Garden was a lovely time with Amy and Hugo.

The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, established in 1916, is a highlight of the garden, showcasing a stunning collection of rose varieties from classic tea roses to modern hybrids. The garden’s dedication to rose cultivation and breeding has contributed to the preservation and appreciation of this beloved flower.

The garden’s floral showcases reflect the changing seasons and highlight the beauty of nature’s cycles. These floral displays are carefully curated and designed, showcasing both native and exotic species to inspire and educate visitors about the world’s botanical diversity.

I simply love walking around the gardens. The sight of colorful flowers, the sound of rustling leaves, and the fragrance of blooming plants engage my senses.

Walking the New York Botanical Garden was holistic experience that nurtured both my body and my mind.

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New York Botanical Garden

2900 Southern Blvd
Bronx, New York 10458
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