Conrad Tokyo

Conrad Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan is the best, highest level of service oriented Conrad that I have had the pleasure of staying at.

From checking in to checking out, the Conrad Tokyo is the best service ordinated Conrad that I have had the pleasure of staying at.

Now, I’m not saying this lightly. My stay at the Conrad Tulum Maya Rivera was also extremely pleasant. However, what sets this particular Conrad apart is the level of service I received.

Due to pricing during my stay, it made the most sense to book through American Express Travel. I was able to use points and utilize my usual favorite bonuses of free breakfast, $120 credit to the room and – most importantly – guaranteed priority of an upgraded room upon check in. Booking through Amex Travel – when the price is right – is much better than booking directly through the hotel. You still receive your booking points, and much, much more service oriented perks.

Traveling To Conrad Tokyo from Narita Airport

For transport into the city, I suggest you take the Japan Express Train to Tokyo Station. This is one of the best advice nuggets that my friend Luke warned me about. Taking a taxi from Narita is just financially silly and time unwise. Narita Airport is an hour + outside of Tokyo. When I checked while at baggage claim, the cost was about $200 to get into the city, due to traffic and tolls. Compared to around $15 for a green car and reserved seat? Easy and much cheaper.

It may seem overwhelming once you land after such a long flight. But, follow the signs to the trains. Stand in line for information booth and buy your ticket. The attendants are super helpful and speak English. No one panhandles, no one tries to harass you and there are no hobos living in the station. This will be shocking at first – but you will get used to this.

You will more than likely hungry AF and cranky when you arrive at Tokyo Station. Take this time for a snack or to fully eat.  The amount of ramen shops and food centers in the mall is astounding. Allow yourself to rest and regroup after the long AF flight.

Once a bit rested, take the appropriate JR line to Shimbashi Station. Use Google Maps and walk east to the pedestrian bridge, which will take you to the Conrad Hilton (Shiodome metro area). This is about a 10 minute walk away from the station. Signs will point you in the right direction. Do not take the stairs. Walk a few feet to the other side of the building, to the escalators.

Once you arrive, you will clearly see the Conrad Tokyo sign and the beautiful doors will open like an air conditioned oasis. Take the elevator up to the 28th floor for check in.

The Suite

The suite was absolutely lovely. The bed was large and comfortable, with high thread count sheets to match. As the sun rose at 4:30am, blackout curtain status was achieved through knobs in both regions of the suite. Two walkways of doors, between the one bedroom and the living room also were great at keeping light out.

There were two bathrooms in the suite, one immediately when you enter the room and one off the bedroom. The bathroom toiletries of shampoo, body wash, conditioner and lotion were Byredo’s Mojave Ghost , which continues to be one of my favorite neutral scents.

Both of the bathrooms have bidets, of course. However, I must say that different from Ace Hotel in Kyoto and voco Osaka Central, the one at Conrad Tokyo seemed a bit dated. The control paneling was attached to the toilet itself, rather than a control panel on the side.

Our turn down service included complimentary pajamas. Which was a delight! The take away gift was a little white rubber ducky with a crown, as well as a keychain bear that said Conrad Tokyo on the ribbon.

The layout of the suite was beautiful, comfortable and memorable.

Highlights of service

Delicious welcome chocolates and box of treats
Classic teppanyaki at Kazahana
International breakfast selections at Cerise
Lunch at Twenty Eight
The Concierge printed out and explained the Shinkansen schedule to Kyoto clearly
Perfect location to Shinodome and Shimbashi railway stations.
Next to Ginza area of Tokyo (Tokyo’s Beverly Hills area)
Easy to use Uber area to call a taxi when walking is just too much

I remember the first night, sitting at the table while writing my notes. As the sun set over Tokyo Bay, and the lights started blinking on and off on the buildings, I felt a distinct sense of place and of playfulness.

I was actually in Japan.

Before me was a whole new world to explore.

The Conrad Tokyo was the perfect place in Tokyo to begin my new adventure.

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Conrad Tokyo

1 Chome-9-1 Higashishinbashi
Minato City, Tokyo, Japan 105-7337
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