Breakfast at Cerise, Conrad Tokyo

Breakfast at Cerise, Conrad Tokyo

Morning breakfast at Cerise, at Conrad Tokyo in Japan, offered a comprehensive selection of Western and Eastern style morning delights

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July 13, 2023
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Breakfast at Cerise at Conrad Tokyo, over the course of our stay, was a delight. The buffet selection was comprehensive, with a selection of delights that touched every traveler’s desires.

The views from my favorite dining room area were absolutely gorgeous. I loved the floor to ceiling windows and the views of Tokyo before me.

One note of decorum that I noticed is that the staff of Cerise seem to have and enforce an arbitrary dress code. From what I noticed, you cannot come to breakfast in sweats or excessive athletic leisure. Over the course of our breakfast mornings, I watched as staff members approached certain guests to alert them to have them change their clothes.

One man did not take too kindly to the request and gave verbal push back. He pointed to his pants – which were read sweatpants with a stripe – and acted like he didn’t care for the staff member’s request. On another day, another couple agreed and left the restaurant to change their clothes.

Overall, it was just all fascinating to watch.

We were always seated in the main area, next to the floor to ceiling windows. Personally, this was my preferred area, as I could see the beautiful high rises of Simbashi before me. However, I also noticed that other guests walked to and from the buffet from seating in Kazahana – the restaurant across the hallway.

So, definitely request where you would like to sit, if they try and sit you in an non preferred area.

Minor selections from the buffet changed daily. On one particular day, I greatly enjoyed the dumplings. On another, the MANGO PANCAKE (Mango, crème brûlée, mango sauce) with crème brulee topping was my favorite. On the last day, I tried the KEBAB SHASHUKA (lamb kebab, tomato, coriander) and it was also A+.

Honestly, it was a pleasure to start the day, relaxing and eating breakfast at Cerise. It was yet another suburb aspect of staying at Conrad Tokyo.

Cerise at Conrad Tokyo

1 Chome-9-1 Higashishinbashi
Minato City, Tokyo, Japan 105-7337
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