Teppanyaki dinner at the Conrad Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan was a refined delicious introduction to Japanese wagyu beef, cooked before your eyes

Our first night in Tokyo was an experience of “what is the easiest way to get food and relax”? After such a long flight and journey into a new country, I did not want to waste time going back and forth on what to eat. The best solution? Staying inside the Conrad Tokyo and going to Kazahana for teppanyaki.

Not viewing the time that I wanted for a reservation online, we went downstairs and spoke to the host personally about a reservation for the evening. Without a second thought, he said “what time would you like?” Unfortunately, the sushi service was booked for the evening. However, since our preference was the teppanyaki service, we chose a 8pm reservation.

Now, one thing I must say – the floor the ceiling windows at Kazahana were incredible. The lights of Toyko Bay glittered beyond our chef’s table.

To start, I ordered a serving of the Tanaka Rokugo Yamada Nishiki (From the Fukuoka Prefecture) sake.For dinner, we both ordered the “KANADE” course. Which was coursed out as follows:


Array of appetizer with a vinegar dish and sashimi
Seasonal soup (potato soup with clam)
Grilled vegetables
Japanese wagyu beef steak with salad
Japanese rice with Miso soup

In short, it was phenomenal. For our beef course, we both preordered one of the sirloin and one of the filet. That was – without a doubt – the absolute best course of action.

I can not in mere words express how intense and glorious the cuts of presented Japanese wagyu beef were to taste. I thought my beef course at Jont in Washington DC was incredible. There, they talked a good game about how special and delicious and amazing their cut of wagyu beef was. And at the time, it was delicious. Same with The French Laundry and Per Se.

But, having such delicately presented, cooked to perfection, beef – presented beautifully with wasabi, fried garlic chips, peppercorn and a light salad, while overlooking Tokyo Bay in Japan?

Cannot and does not compare. It is a cosmic experience of its own – in every bite.

It was an incredible first meal and welcome to Tokyo, Japan.

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Kazahana at Conrad Tokyo

1 Chome-9-1 Higashishinbashi
Minato City, Tokyo 105-7337
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