voco Osaka Central

The voco Osaka Central hotel in Osaka, Japan was a vibrant and perfectly located point for everything I wanted to see in Osaka

My stay at voco Osaka Central was – simply put – way too short. First, I did not expect to love Osaka as much as I did. Which was mainly, due to how much I enjoyed my stay at voco Osaka Central.

The hotel was mere minutes away via taxi from the Shin-Osaka station and perfect for our sojourns to various parts of Osaka. As it’s new, it was bright, clean, easy to communicate with front desk staff and well appointed.

The Toilet at voco Osaka Central

The room was well appointed – with my favorite toilet of the trip. If I could have one love affair with a toilet, it would be with the toilet + bidet combo at voco Osaka Central. I think my favorite thing about the hotel – besides the amazing bed – was the toilet. If ever there was one major thing I want to take away from Japan, it’s the importance of how lovely a good toilet can change your bathroom moments.

The toilet was a Toto toilet. But, that’s not all. The toilet sense your presence and raises the lid when you are close. It also does a pre clean spray for no sticky residue. After receiving donations, the toilet thanks you and shows its appreciation by flushing itself and lowering its own lid.

It’s a peaceful revelation – the next level of bottom excellence. I thought it actually played the same welcome music from the South Park episode of “Japanese Toilet”. But, alas, it did not.

The hotel restaurant, Lokal House, was also great. I enjoyed a light snack of burger and fries before our first venturing out into the city. Later, we had drinks before heading to Tonkatsu Sakura-Tei for dinner.

I truly wished that I had the chance to stay longer in the room. However, we had to be up at 4:40am to start the process of getting to the Kansai airport for our flight back to Tokyo.

Next time though, next time.

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voco Osaka Central

1 Chome-7-1 Kyōmachibori
Nishi Ward, Osaka, Japan
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