Lokal House

Lokal House

Lokal House, the restaurant + bar at the voco Osaka Central hotel in Osaka, Japan was a great spot to grab a bite + a drink and relax

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August 10, 2023
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After arriving at our hotel for the evening, the voco Osaka Central, I was hungry. I knew that I needed food before the hunger turned to hangry. So, browsing the in room menu, I knew exactly what I wanted: the burger and fries.

Making our way down to the bar area, we settled in. One of the best things about Lokal House is that the seats have electronic chargers and the bar has usb chargers.

After asking politely, the chef was able to make my hamburger and fries request. I was pleased, as I knew it was on the afternoon menu and at the time, it was still around 3pm.

The burger sliders were taste explosions in my mouth. The best thing about Japan is that even the lowest cuts of beef are the same quality as waygu. Exactly what I needed before our check mark list of trying to find Japanese whisky and katana swords.

After we found what we were looking for at Liquor Mountain, ( a bottle of The Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky for him, a bottle of Single Malt Nagahama Japanese Whisky The Second Batch for me), we returned to Lokal House.


For our pre dinner drinks, I order the CASISS ORANGE and my partner ordered the OSAKA CIDER, made by Okawa Shokuhin Kougyou Co.

Both were solidly good drinks.

Lokal House

1 Chome−7−1
Nishi Ward, Osaka, Japan

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