Tonkatsu Sakura-Tei

Tonkatsu Sakura-Tei offered deliciously crispy pork katsu - at a comfortable price - at the Osaka Metro mall

After visiting the Nintendo Osaka store and the Capcom store, it was finally time for dinner. After extensive searching at walking around the Osaka station, we settled on having dinner at Tonkatsu Sakura-tei.

No, it wasn’t the cute pigs on the drapery that caught my eye. It was the array of tonkatsu on display, enticing hungry patrons to enter and eat.

Plus, pork cutlet and gravy were the last entry in my mental list of  Food to Experience in Japan.

I ordered the LAYERED SLICE PORK CUTLET SET, with three sliced pieces of fried pork, salad, vinegared vegetables, miso soup and gravy.

Yet again, it was another delicious meal in Japan.

I truly wish that I had more time in Osaka to enjoy more of the food offerings. But, far better to have high quality experiences at a fast pace vs being bored in a hotel room.

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Tonkatsu Sakura-Tei at Eki Marché Osaka

3-chome-1-1 Umeda
Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan
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