Don’t expect the highest quality food from Sushiro’s conveyor belt sushi. However, the concept is super fun.

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August 8, 2023
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You know those kitschy things that you acknowledge are an eye roll –  but, bring so much joy to the person that you’re with that it’s best to go with it? After a long – and I mean LONG – day in Kyoto, there was only one thing my partner wanted to do: have sushi dinner at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

The front desk at the Ace Hotel Kyoto went above and beyond to find a place for us. From calling our original choice, figuring out that it was closed and another restaurant took over the number, suggesting a new place and calling our taxi, it was top tier service.

Once our taxi was called, we were on our way to Sushiro’s conveyor belt sushi bar at the Kawaramachi Takoyakushi-dori location. It was on the second floor of a non-descript building, near Gion.

Once we arrived, I deduced  out that we needed to get a dine in ticket and wait for our number to be called. Once our number appeared on the waiting screen, we were led to our seats.

The ordering, via a touch screen at the table, began.

I’d been to conveyor belt sushi years ago, in Koreantown in Los Angeles and years before that in London. I will say, this experience in Japan was honestly more fun and cleaner. Ordering on the

When our ordered dishes were ready, they were swiftly delivered to our table via conveyor.

Was it the best sushi I’d ever had?

Hell no, not at all.

Was it better than Sushi Shigetomi?

Not in the least.

But, was it fun experience and delightful to order items and have them delivered on a conveyor belt?


Sushiro – Kawaramachi Takoyakushi-dori

599 Uraderacho Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan 604-8041
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