Case for Making

Case for Making

Expanding my creativity with curated art supplies from Case for Making has expanded my creative vision and happiness

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October 6, 2023
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Of course, no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a trip to Case of Making. I was able to get some paints, prints and creative inspiration from one of my favorite creative stores. I also ended up with a three-piece set of a letterpress design that I’d been eying for two years. Each print came down from $65 each, to $15!

I got one in red, yellow and blue. I’m looking forward to getting them framed.

Over the years, Case for Making has been my creative home. Every time I visit San Francisco, I make it a passive goal to visit the shop. I always find something unique and interesting that gets my creative juices flowing.

It’s so lovely to feel at home in a well curated artistically driven store.

Case for Making

4037 Judah Street
San Francisco, California 94122

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