Izakaya Rintaro

Dining at Izakaya Rintaro was a lovely affair of distinct Japanese cuisine in the Mission District of San Francisco, California

When Alice suggested I dine at Izakaya Rintaro, I was excited for my reservation. When I arrived, I thought the location was cute and unique – abet unexpectedly close to the 101 Freeway.

Settling in and looking at the menu, I decided on my options on the  KISETSU SET, while enjoying a glass of Kindo’s Kishu No Fudo Wakayama sake from Wakayama, Japan.

First out, was the SASHIMI NO MORIAWASE (Sashimi plate with pacific mebachi maguro, ehime ainan tai, baja kanpachi and Half Moon Bay wasabi).



The HANPEN (Fluffy ft. Bragg lingcod fishcake) alongside the TOMOROKOSHI NO SATSUMAAGE (Fried lingcod fishcake with sweet corn) was delicate and delicious.



I added on an order of a Yakitori before enjoying the KUROBUTA TONKATSU (Becker Lane Berkshire Pork Katsu with Acme Panko and Snowy Cabbage Salad).




The FUROFUKI DAIKON (“Bathing” daikon), served with the MOCHI KINCHAKU (Meiji fried tofu and mochi “gold purse”) was an absolute treat.



I finished with the HIYASHI UDON “MEI-MEI” (Chilled Rintaro Hand-Rolled Udon with Poached Chicken, Carrot, Hikari Cucumber, Crispy Chili Oil and Sweet Spice Shoyu).



My dinner at Rintaro was delicious.

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Izakaya Rintaro

82 14th Street
San Francisco, California 94103
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