The Laurel Inn – Joie de Vivre by Hyatt

My stay at The Laurel Inn - a Joie de Vivre hotel in Pacific Heights was an experience in understanding how the front desk staff reflects guests experiences of a hotel.

The pro is that this hotel is located in the beautiful area of Pacific Heights.

The con? To put it plainly, this was the one hotel that I barely caught myself from getting into a heated conversation with the front desk about how absolute trash her service and attitude was.

In fact, it was so bad that I was exceptionally honest during the follow up feedback email survey. That got forwarded to the corresponding manager. That manager understood the situation and I ended up getting 50% of my stay refunded – and points, I believe.

Since I actually did have a decent night’s sleep, I appreciated the balancing of the energy and felt it was appropriate.

If you don’t like working the front desk at a hotel, get another job. I paid an annoyingly high amount to stay in Pacific Heights for just one night, as it was close to Spruce.

Room + Stay

Looking back, would I stay at this hotel again? Actually, yes. It’s a cute hotel and reminded me to the unique beauty of another Joie de Vivre hotel I stayed at: Hotel Kabuki. The Laurel Inn was designed beautifully and I appreciated the vibe.

But, again – do not waste your time on a back and forth with a front desk staff member out of anger. It might give you a temporary fix of power. But, it does not create concrete change.

Use the power of your written word. People forget what you say – but they will remember what you write.

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The Laurel Inn - Joie de Vivre by Hyatt

444 Presidio Avenue
San Francisco, California 94115
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