Abbie Restaurant and Bar

The Abbie Restaurant and Bar, at The Hoxton, Southwark, is a chill place for breakfast and later - cocktails - before dinner

Abbie Restaurant and Bar, located at The Hoxton, Southwark was a convenient way to get breakfast while being severely jet lagged from my flight the day before.

The morning after arriving, I knew that it would be easiest to grab a bite downstairs before venturing out. I wasn’t THAT hungry. But, because I planned to visit the British Museum, I had to make myself eat.


For breakfast, I stuck with simple options. The CAPPUCCINO, CINNAMON BUN came first as I browsed the menu. I knew that I wanted small bites. So, I felt that the planned plates would be way too much food for my jet lagged stomach.

Continuing, I cobbled together a main breakfast entree from the CUMBERLAND SAUSAGE, HASH BROWN, and CITRUS FRUIT BOWL. 

Sadly, due to jet lag and insomnia, I could barely finish it. But, the small bites I had were good.


After returning to The Hoxton, Southwark after a full day of visiting the British Museum and having tea at The Beaumont Hotel in Gatsby’s Room, I knew that I wanted a space to write, relax and enjoy a cocktail for a few hours. After a quick and direct conversation with the slightly standoffish host, I settled into the bar portion of Abbie to unwind.

I first ordered the MEZCAL JOVEN NEGRONI (Derrumbes Mezcal, Campari, Martini Rubino). It was a lovely take on the Negroni, with a distinct smokiness that I was looking for.

After an hour of writing and sipping such a well crafted cocktail, I began a conversation with one of the super friendly bartenders about possible food options. Based on his suggestions, I ordered the NAKED TRUTH (Casamigos Mezcal, Amaro Montenegro, Green Chartreuse, Lychee, lime, Darjeeling & Chamomile) – which was spot on what I wanted.

In conversing about food around Southwark, he recommended getting a table at the The Shard at London Bridge. But, due to the gorgeous weather that day, all the reservations at The Shard’s restaurants were booked.  I ended up scoring a coveted table at Padella, which was awesome. But, I love the friendliness of the bartenders and the great drinks.

Overall, breakfast at the Abbie Restaurant honestly isn’t as outstanding as Cantina Valentina at The Hoxton, Brussels. But, it doesn’t need to be. It’s simply a solid option that’s easily accessible at The Hoxton, Southwark.

However the drinks at the bar section? Fantastic and highly recommend.

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Abbie Restaurant and Bar

40 Blackfriars Road
London, United Kingdom SE1 8NY
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