The British Museum

The British Museum - in the heart of London - is one of the most powerful museums in current era. The human history, art and collections I viewed was remarkable.

It’s a common trope (hell, even the title of a podcast) to discuss what the British has stolen from different points of origin throughout the world. I remember watching Black Panther for the first time and agreeing with Erik Killmonger about the snippets of truth within the re patronization of artifacts.

Add to that fact that the British government is in constant conversation with different world governments about returning various items that make up its expansive collection. With all this in mind, it turns into a bit of a mixed bag with visiting the British Museum.

However, the history of humanity is important to me. Being mindful of the sources, my tour of the British Museum was overwhelmingly beautiful. The care, cultivation and display of so many tenants of human history was exquisite.

It’s similar to how I feel when visiting the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. But, distinctively different from my visit to the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn. It’s a different type of awe and wonder when you’re in the presence of  the monolith of human evolution.

Walking the sunlight filled halls, I was reminded that I am the result of the ancestors that survived the periods of time that were before me. Everything – from the origins of the history of humans before Mesopotamia to how humans cultivated the idea of time into watch works – was fascinating to behold.

Similar to my visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada – when you stand in the presence of antiquity, you realize how incredibly stupid most trivial things are in current society. That gives a one a profound opportunity to shift perspective as to what truly deserves your attention and intention in your reality.

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The British Museum

Great Russell Street
London, United Kingdom WC1B 3DG
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