One Hundred Shoreditch

My stay at the One Hundred Shoreditch hotel in the Shoreditch neighborhood like a welcoming “hello back” to a city I love.

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September 24, 2023
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When I told Geneva that I was visiting London for the Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle show at the O2, she highly suggest that I consider staying at One Hundred Shoreditch, in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. Since another friend had suggested staying in Shoreditch, based on food and nightlife, it was an easy yes.


My previous visit to London was decades prior. So, having a smooth checking was much appreciated.

Most importantly, even though I arrived later in the evening, I was able to order a FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH (buttermilk chicken, pickles, spicy mayo, fries) from room service.

My room was pleasant and I enjoyed the visual decor. The hotel scent was Debaser by D.S. & Durga, which was – as always – a nice touch.

Additionally, I enjoyed the balcony and being able to see the cityscape of London.

My rate included breakfast, which was a buffet affair.

I enjoyed the selections presented. The ambiance was beautiful

Plus, One Hundred Shoreditch was perfectly situated in the vibrant Shoreditch area.

One Hundred Shoreditch

100 Shoreditch High St
London, United Kingdom E1 6JQ

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