Sketch London

Sketch London

On my last day in London, I found myself wide awake early after another challenging night of insomnia. I decided to take the tube over to the Mayfair district to walk to Sketch London for breakfast.

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June 3, 2023
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When I first arrived in London, I knew that the first order of business was to find a delicious place for high tea. After browsing a few top ten lists and calling around, I was recommended Sketch London. The photos and vibe looked amazing – but, no reservations for tea were available on the date and time that I was looking for. So, I settled on my desire to check out Sketch for breakfast.

My brisk walk along the streets, through the quiet opening hours of London, was invigorating. When I arrived at Sketch around 8:30am, all I could utter was “Wow!” Visually, it was everything I’d wanted – and more. It was decadence. It was over the top. It gave me breakfast mixed with all out fun.

Most importantly – it was easy to walk in, say hello to the host and immediately be seated at a table in the front room.

Eating breakfast in such a visually delicious place was exactly what I needed for my last morning in London. I took some delicious photos of the decor, before browsing the menu.

Up first was – of course – a CAPPUCCINO. I’ve come to terms with it being my go to first order when traveling and having breakfast. And I’m okay with that.

When it arrived, it was love at first sight.

I loved the use of vintage tableware of the English Rose print. It was dainty excellence. Just like the first sip.

For my main act of breakfast, I ordered the WAFFLE (vanilla Chantilly with mixed red fruits with Maple syrup) with BACON. I also requested the various sauces for the full experience.

Simply put, it was delicious.


When traveling, I realize I really don’t feel the need for a heavy meal. As I sipped, savored and enjoyed the ambiance and the experience, I passive aggressively thanked my jet lag for keeping me awake. Maybe it was the adrenaline of wanting to do so many things in a 48 hour period. But, in those moments, it was worth it.

Afterwards, I peeked into various other spaces within Sketch. From the beautiful second dining area – decorated to be like you’re actually sitting in a garden –  to a quick look around the art gallery, Sketch is comprehensively beautiful.

Sketch London

9 Conduit St
London, United Kingdom W1S 2XG

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