Smoking Goat

Dinner at the Smoking Goat is a delicious Shoreditch vibe paired with honestly crazy good regional Thai food to match

Returning to One Hundred Shoreditch after my Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral & Dover Tour by Evan Evans, to put it frankly – I was hungry. The front desk at the hotel highly recommended dinner at the Smoking Goat bar and restaurant, up the street. So, after browsing the menu online, I walked my way down to 64 Shoreditch High St.

I started with an order of CAN I BE YOUR SQUEEZE? (Tequila, lime & grapefruit radler) while browsing the menu. I immediately ordered the CHILLI FISH SAUCE WING to start.

For the salad course, I enjoyed the ISAAN PORK LAAB WITH FRESH CHILLI & CITRUS with STICKY RICE.

For my main, I ordered the BARBECUE BEEF RUMP WITH GREEN TOMATO RELISH & HYSSOP. But, I felt something was missing. So, I ordered a chili sauce and got my ass masochistically handed to me.

The whole meal was a lesson in heat tolerance and riding the edge of pain turning into pleasure.

The heat from the peppers and layer of flavors was spicy, heat forward and just damn good.

With every bite, it was a balance of “Oh damn, I don’t think I can take another bite” to “Oh this is so good.”

Dinner at Smoking Goat was absolutely delicious and the right choice for a night out in Shoreditch.

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Smoking Goat

64 Shoreditch High St
London, United Kingdom E1 6JJ
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