BAO Noodle Shop

Lunch at BAO Noodle Shop in Shoreditch was a comforting and cozy experience in Taiwanese cuisine. 

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September 27, 2023
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After deliciously sleeping in and waking up at my own time, I ended up missing the breakfast serving at my hotel, One Hundred Shoreditch. Still wanting food – obviously – I thought about the list of suggestions the front desk gave me for solid food choices in the area.

After a quick bit of research, I settled on walking to BAO Noodle Shop, down the street.


I started with the CRISPY NOODLES CHIPS because I was curious and it looked like fun. To drink, I double fisted the BAO PEANUT MILK (Made in-house with Fresh Vanilla) with the RASPBERRY YAKULT TEA (Baozhong Coldbrew, Raspberry, Yakult Foam). Why? Because I’d never had peanut milk as a straight drink. Also, the raspberry tea was unique, light and refreshing.

Sitting at a seat at the bar and looking out the window, I loved watching London life pass by.

Because the place is called bar, of course I ordered a CLASSIC BAO as an appetizer. And of course, it was delicious.

For my main brunch dish, I ordered the bowl of  SLOWCOOKED BEEF CHEEK & SHORT RIB NOODLE (Taipei Style Broth: in a rich beef soup w/spiced beef butter).

Lunch at BAO Noodle Shop was exactly what I needed before a lovely, art filled afternoon adventure in London.

BAO Noodle Shop

1 Redchurch Street
London, United Kingdom E1 6JJ

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