Wahpepah’s Kitchen

Wahpepah’s Kitchen in Oakland was my first time at a Native American cuisine restaurant. 

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October 3, 2023
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Landing in San Francisco always feels like I’m coming home. Each time I visit, I feel most of a creative mastery that places me at the forefront of my collected experiences.

Whenever I’m in Oakland, I always try and have sit down and talk time with Jessica. In this case, she suggested that we have lunch at Wahpepah’s Kitchen, at Fruitville Station.

I had the RED CHILI YELLOW CORN VENISON TAMALE (Heirloom yellow corn, venison, red chili, aji roasted pepper sauce, hand harvested wild rice, charred summer squash) and the SEKA HILLS ELDERBERRY SPARKLER.

However, this is one of those time where the environment directly overshadowed the food. My mind was permeated with memories that Fruitvale Station was the setting of the horrible murder of 22-year-old Oscar Grant in 2009.

So, I must be honest and actually acknowledge that even though I truly enjoyed spending time with Jessica at Wahpepah’s Kitchen – frankly I couldn’t get the jarring setting out of my mind.

I will say that Wahpepah’s Kitchen in Oakland is a worthwhile location to try – with easy to access parking at the Fruitvale train station parking garage. However, it’s always meaningful to be mindful of the location and respect history.

Wahpepah’s Kitchen

3301 E 12th St #133
Oakland, California 94601

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