Roberto’s Cafe

Roberto’s Cafe, within walking distance of Outbound Mammoth, offered a delicious evening of tequila and margaritas in Mammoth Lakes, California

After arriving at Mammoth Lakes and checking in at Outbound Mammoth, it was time to find something to do. Looking at the map, I noticed that the area around the area offered quite a lot of restaurants within walking distance.

So, with jackets on and adventure ahead, we walked down Old Mammoth and immediately found Roberto’s Cafe.

Entering, I felt the energy of the place. The downstairs was packed with lively diners. So, we opted to go upstairs to the dedicated bar area.

Seating was easy and comfortable. The bar was filled with televisions and people having a great time.

Our waitress introduced herself to us and, after delivering the chips and salsa made some delicious tequila recommendations.

To start, I wanted a sipping tequila that was smooth, rich and smokey on the tongue. She suggested the TRES GENERACIONES’ ANEJO TEQUILA, served chilled and straight up.

It was perfect.

Next, our waitress recommended the CHINACO REPOSADO TEQUILA to me. Curious about the margaritas, I ordered it in an ULTIMATE BAJA MARGARITA (tequila of choice, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice).

This margarita was so delicious that I almost didn’t want to leave the bar, once it was closing time.

Once we finished up, I had to remind myself quickly that I was in Mammoth Lakes, with snow and crisp air around.

Time at Roberto’s Cafe was the perfect introduction to a weekend at Mammoth Lakes, California.

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Roberto’s Cafe

271 Old Mammoth Road
Mammoth Lakes, California 93546
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