Sichuan House

Sichuan House in Edinburgh offered a cozy spot for a warm lunch - and for me to reevaluate my greatly over ambitious museum choices for the day

I admit, when traveling I often create a demanding itinerary to see EVERYTHING POSSIBLE ALL IN ONE DAY. So, after a rather full morning of touring the National Museum of Scotland, I attempted to force myself to walk down to my next desired museum – St Cecilia’s Hall: Concert Room & Music Museum. Then after that, I wanted to somehow squeeze in a visit to the Museum of Magic, Fortune-telling & Witchcraft!

It was wild. I came to Edinburgh for Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. But, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of museums and things to do. Yes, Los Angeles has museums. But, United Kingdom museums are simply refreshingly different.

As I walked down George IV Bridge and away from Greyfriars Bobby, I silently marveled at how much love the statue had received. Then, I slowly began to realize one important fact: I was TIRED.

Yes, a part of me I wanted to push myself to go to the next museum on my to do list. But, my body was slowly telling me that I just didn’t have the energy. Plus, I thought to myself, who was I pushing myself for? A feeling that I had to see as many museums as possible as a personal demand? Or, for fun?

As I pondered this, my legs literally stopped moving next to Sichuan House. I understood the signal – I needed a break. It was time to get off my feet and relax. My trip did not need to be a performance for anyone else. I needed to bring it back and make my day a pleasurable adventure for myself.

So, with swiftness, I found myself sitting at a table at Sichuan House. After browsing the menu, I ordered the PEKING STYLE NOODLES WITH MINCED PORK.

It was a hard choice, between those and the Dan Dan Noodles. But, a choice had to be made.

When my order arrived, I actually shocked myself with how fast I ate it. My body was hungrier than I mentally thought. Plus, the dish was delicious. So, it wasn’t hard to make it disappear. I loved the amount of vegetables in the bowl, alongside the minced pork. The dish was filling, tasty and well proportioned. Pretty much exactly what I needed after a morning of extensive walking.

After lunch, I caught an Uber and took myself back to the Kimpton Charlotte Square. It was then that finally – after so many days of excessive jet lag – I was able to blissfully take a nap and sleep.

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Sichuan House

37-39 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1EL
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