Morning Service Coffee

Morning Service Coffee

Coffee at Morning Service Coffee was a lovely stop during a 11 mile bike ride along the Los Angeles River bike path

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November 1, 2023
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After biking 5 miles with Leanne along the LA River bike path, I was in need of a break and coffee. Our original plan was to bike to La Colombe Coffee Roasters around mile 6, enjoy a rest and ride back. However, we happened to stop for a stretch break in front of Morning Service Coffee. And best of all, it was open. Usually, when we ride by in the afternoon, it’s closed. So, when Leanne suggested we stop and go in, I said yes.

After locking our bikes, we made our way inside to order. When it was my turn, I asked the barista what his favorite drink to make was. I usually order cappuccinos when I’m in Europe and in European style coffee shops. So, I wanted to be inspired to try something new.

When he suggested the FLAT WHITE, I immediately said yes. I also ordered a MUSHROOM AND FETA CHEESE PASTRY. It was quickly warmed up to a nice and toasty degree before he came out and delivered both to me.

Now, there’s something special about biking the LA bike path and enjoying the company of fellow bikers, while conversing with a dear friend. We talked about our upcoming art show as I savored my drink and treat. The vibes were right.

And when we were done, we rode back up to our Burbank based starting point. It was a perfect morning that led to a great day.


Morning Service Coffee

3014 Worthen Ave
Los Angeles, California 90039

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