Mirate restaurant in Los Feliz serves high quality dishes for refreshingly modern take on Baja California coastal Mexican cuisine.

When I first heard of Mirate, I was curious. Margaret sent me a short video that she came across on TikTok and all I could say was “Wow!”.  So, when it came time for Johann and I to meet for our monthly friend dinner, I gave him Mirate as an option to choose from.

And, when we got reservations for mere days away, our dinner plans were set.


Entering the building, I ascended steps to the foyer. From first looks, Mirate was definitely a vibe.

I remembered fondly the last time I’d been to the building. It was years ago for dinner and a show with Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra at the now closed Rockwell Table & Stage.

After checking in with the host, I was led through the lounge and down another flight of steps to the dining area. The view of the dining area of Mirate is absolutely stunning. It was everything I love about well designed, modern, California inspired restaurants.

While I waited on my friend to arrive, I had a lovely conversation with Chris – our waiter for the evening – about the menu. Inspired by his suggestions, ordering began.

First to the table was the TOMATILLO SALSA from the Salsas and Tostadas section and the CRAB ESQUITES from the Tostadas Especiales section. Once they arrived, it was love at first bite. I am so happy Chris recommended the crab equites. It was perfection. I could easily see why fellow diners raved about the dish. It was creamy, savory and lick-the-plate able.

The refreshing taste of the tomatillos in the tomatillo salsa was a perfect compliment. Not to be outshined, the tostadas for dipping into the dips were obsessable. I kept asking for more tostadas to eat more of the dips with. Similar to Vamos Vamos in Santa Monica, the quality of fried tortillas is small but distinct. It made a difference.

Once Johann arrived, we clicked our drinks and commiserated over the challenge of finding free-ish parking in Los Feliz. After settling down, Chris returned and gave us the full rundown of the menu. Based on his outstanding guidance, more dishes were ordered.

First out was the JICAMA AGUACHILE (sea beans, gooseberry, cucumber, chipotle jamaica) ceviche. The chipotle jamaica was a juicy revelation. It was spicy – yet cooling at the same time. It was a dish in which everything surprisingly – and slightly unexpectedly – worked together. I suggested we ordered it, knowing that I would never see anything like that on a menu anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Next up, the SCALLOP TLAYUDA (callo de hacha scallops, uni sofrito, peanut salsa). This dish was a lesson is oral perfection. I could eat the Scallop Tlayuda every week for a month and be completely happy with my life. It is a masterpiece. Even thinking about it, days later after having it, makes me happy.

Continuing, the FLAUTAS (lamb barbacoa, roasted eggplant, feta, saffron pickled fennel, lamb cosommé) were served. They were indeed layered in flavor, with all components working together for the final blend in my mouth.

We finished with the CRISPY SWEET POTATO (tamarind glaze, hoja santa, buckwheat). When Johann bit into it, he said that it was both parts sour and sweet. It played on the tongue in such a unique and distinct way. I felt the same.

Each dish at Mirate was on the same level of decadent excellence, with 10s across the board.

Within the first few bites of dishes, I knew that Mirate would be my new favorite modern Mexican coastal restaurant in Los Angeles. Another restaurant I’ve loved, DAMA is also delicious. But, there is a different energy and vibrancy at Mirate.

I look forward to seeing how the menu changes and develops over the years.

But, most importantly, I look forward to returning and dining at Mirate again.

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1712 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027
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