Sogo Roll Bar

Dinner at Sogo Roll Bar was a lovely way to discover a new hand roll spot with a tasty menu in Los Angeles, California

I was shocked by how two months flew by before I saw Matt for dinner and conversation. It was the original intent to go off the list of suggestions that we’d heard during dinner at F&Bar, which is how I found out about Solarc Brewing and we dined at Union Pasadena.

As it was his turn to pick, I was excited that he suggested Sogo Roll Bar.

Getting a fantastic parking space in front of Homestate (Remember, yellow curbs are free parking after 6pm and free all day on Sunday), I breezed into Sogo and spotted Matt at the bar.

After calming down for a bit after traffic (seriously – what is up with people driving in Los Angeles these days), I was delighted that he pre ordered a bottle of KYOTO WHITE YUZU ALE (Japan – Extra Special Beer (ESB) – 5.2% ABV Belgium White Ale) for me. Literally, he said that I would love it because he was enjoying it – and it was true.

That’s the benefit of dining with someone that has such a similar taste profile as you – you can close your eyes and have them order exactly the right things from the menu. It’s a cultivated art that is honestly, an honor.

We shared the KURU EDAMAME (black edamame, sea salt) before settling on more small appetizer bites.

The SNAPPER SASHIMI (snapper with yuzu-it) and the ALBACORE KARI KARI SASHIMI (brandy, garlic ginger ponzu & crispy onions) arrived on the bar before us. I wanted to choose an arrangement of fish that is not normally seen on menus around town.

Anything with yuzu in it, I love. This time, I was able to ask the bar for an additional side bowl of yuzu – which was heaven in my mouth. I was so happy. This was my favorite of the two.

For a main course, we both ordered the FOUR ROLL SET (snapper, yellowtall, salmon & spicy tuna).

Again, with another order of the Kyoto White Yuzu Ale – it was perfect.

Done with the four rolls and wanting just one more thing before heading to Bar Covell for wine, we both ordered the UNAGI (eel sauce).

It was the perfect way to end dinner, before indulging in liquid libations next door at Bar Covell.

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Sogo Roll Bar

4634 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90027
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