Kitchen Mouse Cafe

Kitchen Mouse Cafe is a bustling bistro, serving up vegetarian and vegan delights in Highland Park

When Nicole told me that she was coming to visit Los Angeles for a few days, I realized that two years had flown by in the blink of an eye. Immediately, we made plans to meet for lunch.

Originally, we were set on going to Highly Likely. However, since Nicole had limited time – and there was a line out the door – we decided to head to Kitchen Mouse Cafe instead.

I was SO excited to introduce her to the menu. I ordered the MORNING GLORY BOWL with TOFU SCRAMBLE & 1/4 AVOCADO and a DRIP COFFEE.

It was absolutely outstanding. The flavors of the Morning Glory bowl blended together perfectly and made me feel good eating it. It honestly felt energetically filling.

I also tried some of her order of THE CHILAQUILES (tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, black beans, slaw, avocado mash, cashew queso, cilantro cream, toasted pepitas, green onion), which they redesigned since my last visit.

Frankly, it’s even better than before. The enchilada sauce was a brilliant change.

Her pancake also looked wholesome and delicious.

Plus, this time I noticed all of the fun things about the space: the cookie jars behind the cash register and the bright sunlight illuminating the space just made me feel that I was being cared for in someone’s home.

All around, great time.


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During a previous visit – when it was time to meet with Carla over brunch, I knew that I wanted to find a place that met her healthy New Years goals. As her focus was health while we talked about gaining wealth, enter, Kitchen Mouse Cafe in Highland Park.

Previously, I’d popped into the bakery off of 59th Street and had a juice and cupcake. Now, it was time to explore the full menu in the cafe on Figueroa.

Now, the great thing about Kitchen Mouse is the order of events. Once you enter, you are greeted with a sign that directs you to order at the register before you sit down. I admit, I had a bit of seating anxiety while I waited to order. But, I had nothing to fear. Once I ordered and took my number, the perfect seat opened up for us.

Starting with the CAPPUCCINO and VANILLA CUPCAKE, I savored every sip and bite. The cappuccino was a great way to start the meal, as it was hot and slightly sharp. The vanilla cupcake was well balanced, with the frosting not overbearingly sweet. Plus, it was small enough to pop in my mouth and experience, without getting full. The combo was the perfect pre-breakfast amuse-bouche.

Once my order of MIKEY’S CHILAQUILES (tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, black beans, slaw, smashed avocado, cashew queso, cilantro cream, pepitas, with smoked jackfruit carnitas) arrived, I was ready.

Replacing the eggs with the smoked jackfruit carnitas was the right move. Each aspect of the plate, from the beans to the gracious heap of guacamole and the cashew queso – was well balanced and delicious. The plate was clean when I was done with it.

Carla raved about how much she appreciated that I’d found a new, healthy spot for us to enjoy. She absolutely loved her tacos and we loved our conversation together. Kitchen Mouse is a great space to meet with friends over healthy food that actually tastes good.

Plus, I got into a great conversation with the husband of the owner of Kitchen Mouse, about Ayurvedic cuisine. While he was busing our table, we talked about how the menu was created as a reflection of foods his Ayurvedic doctor suggested that he incorporate into his diet. I was fascinated, and asked for his recommendation.

For my notes, it’s Purple Lotus Medical Massage and Wellness in Highland Park / Mount Washington area.

After talking with him, I turned to Carla and remarked about how beautiful it was that the owner and staff of Kitchen Mouse had created such a vibrant, flourishing space that offered the community to come, gather and enjoy. What sparked from a business idea turned into such a welcoming, lovely space.

As we left to walk down the street to Wild Terra, I knew that I would be back to Kitchen Mouse in the future.

Plus, Hippo (one of my favorite dinner spots in Highland Park / Echo Park) is just up the street.

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Kitchen Mouse Cafe and Market

5906 N Figueroa St
Highland Park, California 90042
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