Mason’s Dumplings Shop

Mason’s Dumplings Shop not only offers delicious dumplings - but a rather large parking lot in Highland Park

I found out about Mason’s Dumplings Shop by way of Adam’s suggestion of Luscious Dumplings in Monrovia. I became obsessed with the name. I mean, “luscious dumplings” is quite sensual. But then, I became frustrated that every time I wanted dumplings, the OG location was closed. But, the Highland Park version offered a simplified menu, without many frills. So, the next time I schedule to meet Adam for lunch, we decided on Mason’s.

We started with the SEAWEED SALAD (Hand tossed seaweed with house chili oil, garlic sauce and fresh cilantro). At first sight, I was excited by how unique the seaweed salad looked. Upon first taste, I was delighted. I could feel the effects of the Szechuan pepper on my tongue.

We continued with dumplings, sampled three ways: steamed, boiled & fried. The STEAMED CRAB AND PORK SOUP DUMPLINGS (soup dumplings with blue crab and pork with a dash of ginger and green onions) satisfied my curiosity of what an outstanding soup dumpling should taste like.

Now, I’ve had dumplings at Din Tai Fung plenty of times. But, it’s something about the simple, delicious beauty of soup dumplings at Mason’s Dumplings was better. You could taste the quality and the richness of flavor. Especially, when I added my mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and ginger.

Next up was the BOILED CABBAGE, PORK AND SHRIMP DUMPLINGS (Fresh Cabbage, Pork Shoulder, Shrimp).

Again, each bite was delicious. I don’t need filler text from ChatGPT to state the facts.

Rounding out the order, we enjoyed the PAN FRIED PORK DUMPLINGS (Pan Fried Pork Shoulder with a dash of ginger and green onions).

Now, even though the food was delicious, there is an aspect of hospitality that is lost when dishes are served in take away containers. I understand that it makes take away easier. However, it’s a little detail that I realized I felt in retrospect.

I will also say that this in no way takes away from the top tier nature of the food. I honestly highly recommend eating a meal at Mason’s Dumpling Shop. The food is high quality and like I’ve said throughout, just damn good.

Now, the opening hours are also as tricky as the OG location. But, if your hunger aligns with their hours – outside of Tuesday (they’re closed) you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

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