Amiga Amore

Amiga Amore is a one of a kind restaurant, where Mexican influence meets Italian cuisine in the heart in Highland Park

There are certain restaurants that you know – within the first bite – that you’re extremely happy to have booked a reservation before they REALLY blow up. My dinner with Erik at Amiga Amore gave me exactly that moment. No only was the cuisine – a solid blend of Italian and Mexican dishes with complimentary influences – a taste explosion. But, the vibe, conversation with our server, James and colorful details of decor made our time at Amiga Amore an A+ experience.

Now, after driving the 405 to the 101 to the 134 to the 2 to York Ave to get there, I was Los Angeles Freeway Tired. Luckily, Erik asked me while I was on the 134 Freeway if I’d wanted him to order me a beer. Immediately, I said yes, anything with mescal.

Unfortunately, Amiga Amore only has a wine and beer license right now. But, when I arrived at the table to a cold Modelo with lime – I knew I picked the right friend for the right place for our monthly dinner appointment.

When our server, James, introduced himself, we immediately felt well taken care of with thoughtful opinions and solid suggestions.

We started with the ARANCINI (Chicken Tinga stuffed rice balls, mozzarella, Calabrian tomato sauce, cilantro powder) with house made hot sauce. The heat from the two sauces was incredible. I actually dabbed the house made hot sauce on various items throughout the night.

Soon after, our order of AGUACHILE (Wild Catch of the Day, Serrano, Yuzu Kosho, apple, cucumber, micro cilantro served w/pasta tostada). It was the perfect pairing to cool down our mouths after the spice of the arancini. For our particular night, the wild catch of the day was scallops. Which made for a distinctly interesting dish. The only way I could describe it was that it was smoother than the usual ceviche mixes that I order. I appreciated it and Erik absolutely loved it.

Part one of our dual main course arrived with the CHILE COLORADO CAVATELLI (Chile de Arbol, braised beef shank in Guajillo spices, queso fresco, crema, dehydrated lime). The braised beef shank with the VERY clearly in house made cavetelli was a great combination. The cavetelli was al dente and just a little bit dense to add a bite. Whereas the Chile Colorado braised beef gave the dish a distinct Mexican flavor. I asked for and received a little cup of salt to season my dish with, which added a really solid contrast to the flavor.

Part two of our main course arrived as the SHORT RIB (Braised in barbacoa spices, Mexican crema mash potatoes, pickled and grilled chayote, crispy leeks). Erik absolutely loved this dish, as he’d seen it delivered to another table previous to our ordering and became intoxicated with the smell.

Finishing up our dinner, we ordered the ABUELA TIRAMISU. I have to be honest – one of the best, simple, down to earth, booze rich at the bottom tiramisus I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

Overall, Erik was super happy that I found and picked such a delicious and delightful place.

I aim to please.

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Amiga Amore

5668 York Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90042
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