Block Party

Block Party is a super fun, adults only lounge, offering beer, wine and cocktails, in Highland Park, California

I first discovered Block Party when I met up with Matt for dinner at Joy on York. Not wanting to wait for seating inside, we ordered our dinner from Joy to go – and then promptly walked over to Block Party for seating and drinks.

This was the right move. Instead of waiting for a party to leave and for us to be seated, we enjoyed our time at the bar.

Nothing like enjoying Joy’s famous wood ear mushrooms while sipping a cold one and laughing with a dear mentor and friend.

This time, as I waited for Johann for a late lunch snack at Joy, I found myself at Block Party once again.

I found myself up at the beer refrigerator, looking for suggestions.

Curious, I struck up a conversation with Jonah, the bartender du jour. I asked him his thoughts on a can of  Block Party’s DESTROYER OF WORLDS 2 DOUBLE IPA. It was then when he said the magic words: ” Want me to open it up so you can try it?”

I was ecstatic and happily said yes.

Trying my first sip, I did, indeed like it. However, it wasn’t quite what I wanted at the moment.

I asked Jonah what he loved right now, in their beer fridge. He said that he’d been pleasantly surprised by the Tripping Animals Brewing Co.’s DARK NO MAMÉS (Mexican-Style Dark Lager).

It was perfect.

I took my newly discovered sipping beer outside to their outdoor lounge area.

It was truly the perfect vibe –  enjoying a great beer in the California sunshine.

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Block Party

5050 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90042
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