Honor Farm Haunted Spirit House

Honor Farm Haunted Spirit House is a cute, spooky themed bar in Lower Downtown area of Denver. But, double check the calendar before you arrive.

Looking for a place to meet Amy for drinks, I searched for a bar that was downtown and looked interesting. With it’s themed spooky decor, I had a feeling it would be right up her alley in unique design.

After a lovely day of photographing Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, I was truly looking forward to seeing Amy and conversing over delicious light bites of food.

At first glance, the decor of Honor Farm is a Halloween themed bar with some cute kitsch. I really thought that the vibe and layout was super cute and spot on, brand wise. In picking it – I did not see that the cover was $5 and that the evening would include a pop up drag show. But, a cocktail adventure was to be had.

After greetings and warm hellos were expressed, I browsed the menu. Curious about how true the “spirit forward” drinks were, I ordered the SLUTTY LITTLE KNEE (Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Yellow Chartreuse, Ango & Orange Bitters).

Upon first taste, my immediate response was “WOW!” This drink punched differently than whiskies I had at Dirty Dicks in Scotland.

They were not kidding. It was extremely spirit forward.

For dinner, I enjoyed the FRIED VEGAN SPRING ROLLS (glass noodles, shredded cabbage, and carrots served with a side of vegan duck sauce) and the CHEF’S FAVORITE CHICKEN WINGS (6 pieces of chicken wings battered and fried to order then seasoned with house made 5 spice powder. Served with a side of Thai Basil Ranch)

Of the two, the chicken wings were my favorite. The hot and well flavored 5 spice powder hit well with the Thai Basil Ranch sauce. So much so that I wish I had a plate of them to take-home via my early morning flight. But really, they were delicious.

The pop up Drag Show at Honor Farm – was – an experience.

Granted, if I’m to go to a drag show, I have to distinct luxury of going to Roscoe’s in West Hollywood. However, well run shows do not talk down to the audience, excessively beg for tips, say that your tips are more important to them than clapping and are timed well. And the costumes are usually of a certain level of professionalism. Honestly, if it’s a drag show, I’m expecting RuPaul’s Drag Race level content. Or, Duane Park in New York. Or, Crazy Horse in Paris. The show that night – was not it.

It’s just unfortunate that Amy and I literally had only an short amount of time to connect and that was unexpectedly interrupted with the show. Which was a spectacle, to be sure.

In finishing up the rest of my light bites, I ordered the BLACK SABBATHICAL (Black Sesame Iwai Infused Whisky, Japanese Bermutto, Green Chartreuse). Again, it was very spirit forward and frankly really good. I would recommend both drinks, if one finds themselves at Honor Bar.

But, I would also highly suggest checking the calendar before scheduling a visit.

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Honor Farm Haunted Spirit House

1526 Blake Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
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