Butterfly Pavillion

Butterfly Pavillion has always been my favorite place to admire and be in awe of butterflies in their natural habitat, in Westminster, Colorado

The Butterfly Pavilion, founded in 1995 in Westminster, Colorado, has evolved into a renowned institution dedicated to showcasing the beauty and importance of invertebrates. Initially established by Russell P. Seifert, the Pavilion’s mission has always been centered on education, conservation, and public engagement. Over the years, it has expanded its exhibits to include a diverse range of butterflies, moths, spiders, beetles, and other insects, captivating visitors with interactive displays and hands-on learning experiences.

When I first visited the Pavilion, while in college in Denver, I fell in love.

Over the years, I’ve loved returning and delighting in the beauty of the butterflies.

It’s so fascinating to acknowledge how the Butterfly Pavilion has not only provided a captivating experience for visitors but also played a crucial role in promoting insect conservation and biodiversity. When visiting, you see displays involving the breeding programs, research initiatives, and community outreach.

Honestly, there’s no other experience like it that I’ve experienced so far.

Instant smiles for all.

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Butterfly Pavillion

6252 W 104th Ave
Westminster, Colorado 80020
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