Bar Chelou

Dinner at Bar Chelou was an experience in exquisite food flavors and delicious bites in Pasadena, California

Before I knew it, it was happily time for another night of dinner and conversation with Erik. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to find an awesome spot in Pasadena. After a quick search, Bar Chelou was picked and reservations were made.

There is nothing I love more than trusting a friend for certain things. After realizing there was an event at the Pasadena Playhouse, I was thrown into a tizzy trying to figure out parking.

After frantically texting Erik that “I’m here, but I’m trying to find parking – and damn it why does Pasadena have so many one way streets?!”

He ordered a CHELOU 75 (gin, chambord, lemon, sparkling wine) to await me when I arrived.

If that’s not friendship, I don’t want anything less.

To start, we ordered the CRISPY POTATOES (aonori, aïoli), PAN DE CRISTAL (bread) and CARROTS (coconut dressing, lime leaf, peanuts, shoestring potatoes).

Now, I don’t know what it is about Pasadena food culture. But damn, there is a reason why Bar Chelou has an incredibly challenging reservation wait. I simply could not imagine the carrots – and I mean they were carrots – could be that delicious.

Next up was an order of the CHELOU BIJOU (gin, brucato chaparral amaro, sherry) cocktail. Which was – after being reintroduced to gin at the Vox Cigar Bar at the Grand Hyatt Berlin, was smooth, tasteful and outstanding in balance.

For our main dishes, we shared the IBERICO PORK CHOP (cabbage, fennel pollen furikake) and the SNAP PEAS (chistorra, cured egg yolk, anchovy).

For dessert, I allowed myself to be carried away by peer pressure from Erik and our waiter and ordered the GRASSHOPPER (creme de menthe, fernet menta, creme de cacao, cream). Now, I haven’t had a Grasshopper since college. It was minty and just – fun as a nightcap.

We also absolutely demolished an order of the CARAMELIZED BANANA BAR (peanut butter crisp, banana custard, milk chocolate mousse). Literally, this dish needs to have a permit for taking your mouth on such a ridiculous joyride.

As the laughs flowed along good conversation and delicious food, I was simply in a state of gratitude for knowing such a great escrow officer and friend.

Sometimes, you meet the best of friends when you least expect it in life.

And those are times to be thankful for.

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Bar Chelou

37 S El Molino Ave
Pasadena, California 91101
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