Irie is a one of a kind restaurant, where you can openly smoke cannabis and indulge in cannabis products, in West Hollywood, California.

Irie is a wildcard. You wouldn’t expect a stunningly gorgeous restaurant with a menu that is beyond expectations in taste – to also be a non alcoholic, cannabis consuming restaurant.

In short, Irie is cool as fuck – and delicious to match. It is, in fact, the total West Hollywood package.

When I first suggested Irie, I know Erik thought “Now, I know Kimberly picks some great places and I trust her taste. But, what the hell?!?! Is this even legal? Is this place even real?”

Luckily, the answers were yes and yes.

So, on a lovely night in Los Angeles, we found ourselves at a table, ready to enjoy conversation and vibe with the evening.

The funny thing about dinner with Erik is that we usually always order the same drinks to start. So, we both ordered the HARVEST MOON (aperitif, grapefruit, blood orange, lime, cinnamon). Now, because Irie serves the option to purchase cannabis, it does not serve alcohol or alcoholic based drinks.

Fun fact.

When our flight attendant (so cute) arrived at our table, she went over all of the current cannabis selections. I lit up with a PURE BEAUTY (YELLOW BOX – SATVIA) preroll.

Now, to start, we ordered the FRIES (Thyme, smoked tomato ketchup, spicy aioli) and the SEABREAM CEVICHE (Avocado, serrano, mint, totopos). I cannot stress how delicious these dishes were. Upon first bite, I was like – if all munching foods were this delicious – I wouldn’t get anything done. It would just be an endless cycle of pleasure until I managed to get off.

They were THAT good. The sea bream ceviche was one of the best ceviches I’ve had.

Now, you would think that a place like Irie would reek to the sky of weed. Nope. There is a comprehensive air filtration system that is the most magnificent level of excellence I’ve ever experienced. You can easily eat and drink in Irie – and you won’t smell like cannabis.

Now, this isn’t to say I didn’t look up and go – “Wow, that’s a lot of smoke. Wait, how long have we been here?”

And –

“Wow…. am I high as fuck now? Erik is talking and his mouth is moving. What is he saying? Wait – am I still hungry?”

It was a vibe.

For our main course, we ordered the SMASHED BUTTERBALLS (Crème fraîche, black garlic, gremolata ) alongside the DRY AGED 16OZ NEW YORK STEAK (Charred treviso, chimichurri, arugula).

For our non alcoholic drink pairing, we both enjoyed the YELLOW BRICK ROAD (coconut water, lemon, ginger, turmeric)

Simply put, I could not think of a more perfect combination. The steak was cut off the bone and served to us. Upon the first bite entering my mouth, I was in a state of heaven. The cuisine at Irie has absolutely no business being as lick your fingers delicious as it is.

The potatoes were outstanding. I wanted to lick every spoonful.

We celebrated Erik’s turn around the sun with an order of the TIRAMISU (ladyfingers, cocoa) and alongside, out came a cute little birthday cake with a weed leaf candle on it.

It was a perfect night of conversation, connection and cannabis.

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7717 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, California 90046
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