Stereoscope Coffee

A sip from a cup of coffee from Stereoscope Coffee is enough to get you motivated to get back on the 405 freeway to endure traffic home.

After a rather challenging drive to Long Beach, to luckily get my camera in for a sensor cleaning at the Nikon repair store before closing, I REALLY did not want to immediate find myself back on the 405 Freeway.

So, after a late lunch at Poke Pola, I wanted to grab a cup of coffee before heading back up to Los Angeles.

After browsing the selections, I asked the barista what her favorite current brews were. She suggested the Spanish Latte, before referring me to the pour overs. Which, delightfully, was what I was actually interested in.

She compared two of the Columbia blends to me. Through her description, I chose the COLOMBIA EL PLACER as a pour over.

She described it as bright and berry forward to me. Which was perfection.

Once I warmed my hands and heart to the cup and took my first bite, I was gloriously happy for my pour over choice. The brew was from the El Placer Farm, in the Quindio region of Columbia The actual varietal of coffee plant was the Caturra – which I didn’t even think about. It was the perfect, distinctive light roast.

Coffee from Stereoscope Coffee was a great cup of coffee – before dealing with the almost 2 hour wait on the 405 freeway – again.

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Stereoscope Coffee

4925 2nd Street
Long Beach, California 90803
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