Bacetti Trattoria

Bacetti Trattoria

From start to finish, Bacetti in Echo Park is so damn delicious, it made me do my food happy dance.

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December 27, 2022
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There are some restaurants in Los Angeles that are, to put it directly, not full of shit. These places are actually, from first bite to the last, legitimately damn delicious. Bacetti is a star, outstanding, prime example of this. Plus, and this is a rarity in LA, the prices warrant the quality of what you receive.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having challenges with using my iPhone to photograph low light situations. The photos simply do not do the dishes justice. But, at least I remembered to take photos during momentary pauses in our conversations.

Athanasia and I began our meal with the FOCACCIA EBRAICA (with taggiasca olives, currants, rosemary, and sea salt) and added the honey butter. This was one of the most interesting and delicious preparations of bread I’ve had in a restaurant. It reminded me of a cinnamon bun! An olive oil saturated delicious and savory bun. The HONEY BUTTER addition is smooth and creamy perfection – just order it. I broke off pieces of the focaccia and slathered the honey butter on top. The richness of the combo was not lost on me.

Next up on the table was the SALSICCIA (spicy pork sausage, tuscan kale, calabrian pepper, mozzarella) pizza. De-fucking-licious. I felt that I could blink and I would be in New York. Every piece of ingredient worked together to create a masterpiece. It was such a welcomed change from my most recent WTF pizza experience at Pizzeria Mozza.

Next course? The CAMPANELLE (portobello, oyster, and shimeji mushrooms, thyme, ricotta salata). It was then perfect transitory pasta – which was also deliciousness in every bite. The mushrooms offered a well rounded umami flavor that I simply relished.

Our main star of the evening should have been presented with sparklers. It was a moment. The BRANZINO (served whole, gremolata, marioram, lemon) is the very definition of oral pleasure. Now, the branzino I had at Konoba Tramontana in Petrovac Na Moru in Montenegro in August was indeed good. I thought that eating freshly caught fish while relaxing and looking over the Adriatic Sea was the pinnacle of branzino enjoyment. But – and I’m being honest – the branzino I had at Bacetti was even better than that. Each bite saturated my mouth with a surge of flavor. I rarely have a herbal lemon flavor carry that well, throughout each bite. This fish was so good that I was legit sad when I realized I was full and couldn’t take another bite.

For desert, we shared the CROSTATA (pear, ricotta, vanilla gelato, basil). I could only stomach a few bites before I completely tapped out for the night. We left the restaurant with our hearts full of meaningful conversation and our stomachs full of culinary love.

As Bacetti Trattoria is located on Echo Park Blvd, parking is trash. I did one cycle of the Looking for Parking drive around and ended up valeting, which was $12. Also, Bacetti includes a 20% staff gratuity that CLEARLY states it benefits the servers and kitchen. It’s such a welcome change from the questionable 4% surcharge that’s been popping up around the city.

The food stands on it’s own. I honestly, wholly and completely look forward to going back.

My favorite Italian restaurants in Los Angeles are 1. Mother Wolf 2. Bacetti 3. Rao’s.

It’s that good.

Bacetti Trattoria

1509 Echo Park Ave
Echo Park, California 90026

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