Honest Biscuits

Honest Biscuits, in Pike Place Market, serves biscuits. That – is a fact.

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January 3, 2023
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To be honest, Honest Biscuits was underwhelming. I know I shouldn’t be surprised when I literally get what I ordered. But, something about ordering the SOUTHERN STYLE (White sausage gravy on a Butterhole Biscuit) with an additional order of SAUSAGE on top was annoying for the price paid.

The coffee was fine and the orange juice was fresh. It just felt and gave … mid. Strong one and done vibe – because Biscuit Bitch is still around.

It was decent, don’t get me wrong. Now, this could also be because I could have been comparing it to my Southern family’s biscuit and gravy recipe and the flavors I usually expect and savor regarding this dish. Which is completely valid.

Getting biscuits and coffee at Honest Biscuits was something to comfortably eat for a rather late breakfast, before revisiting Pike Place. With a stellar view of Puget Sound included. Was it outstanding? Not particularly in my eyes. But, it fed my hunger and got the job of satisfying hunger, done.


Honest Biscuits

1901 Western Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

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