The Butcher’s Table

Oysters, steak and cocktails? Yes, please! The Butcher's Table in Seattle is a delicious elevated steakhouse that shines in a seafood cuisine based city.

When I told Sonni that I was looking for a unique place for dinner in Seattle, Washington, she immediately suggested The Butcher’s Table. After browsing the menu, I immediately made reservations.

When you have a friend that has a similar taste palate to you, it’s more than often best to just trust them for success. Plus, we’d visited Umi Sake House numerous times. But for this trip, I wanted to try a new place.

In a seafood / fresh catch city, I wanted the polar opposite: steak.

First impressions of The Butcher’s Table was Seattle decadence. It felt rich, luxurious and smelled delicious. We were led into a well appointed dining room and seated. As expected, the menu looked like every way you could make a cow taste divine. After browsing the menu, the order of events was set into play.

As usual – and a personal favorite, I started out with a MANHATTAN cocktail. Added to that, a round of OYSTERS (served with champagne mignonette).

The BEEF FAT BRIOCHE (sea salt, cayenne) was rich, fatty and everything you’d expected from a savory bread course.

It was the perfect segue to the stars of the show…..

The prime selections of the 16 OUNCES OF 5-STAR (a 4- ounce piece of filet mignon, eye of rib, zabuton, and manhattan cut new york) platter offered a showstopper of pieces of well crafted meat. Together, with the BEEF FAT FRIES (house sriracha) and ROASTED CARROTS – and we had an incredible dinner.

Everything worked together for an outstanding oral journey. Dinner at Butcher’s Table proves that Seattle isn’t just about seafood. Well worth a return visit.

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The Butcher's Table

2121 Westlake Ave
Seattle, Washington 98121
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