Xcaret Xplor Park

Xcaret Xplor is a comprehensive adventure park that makes you feel that you're Indiana Jones in Cancun, Mexico.

Because our suite at Hotel Xcaret México wasn’t ready when we arrived, we were invited to go to Xcaret Xplor for something to do as we waited.

Now, I admit – it’s one thing to be well rested and look forward to an adventure park. It’s another to be rather exhausted from travel and in a state of sensory overwhelmed

Amphibious Vehicles

The first thing we did is drive around in an off roading vehicle. It was exactly how it sounds. You drive around the park and it’s a cute time.

While in line waiting to get on the ride, this guy tried to stunt on me and brag about where he was staying. He wanted to act like a Big Man in front of his son. Cute. When I casually one upped him, he STFU. Funny when that happens.

Also – who cares?! Just enjoy life. Cause people that wear grey sweatpants don’t talk about it. It just – is.

Hamacuatizaje – Hammock Splash

This was fun – especially, because we did it earlier in the day. You literally get into it and “Wheeeeeee!” yourself into a pond while chilling in a hammock.

I Should Have Never Gone Zip-lining

After having a lunch snack, we wondered about what to do next. Frankly, there was only one thing left that wasn’t swimming: zip lining.

The line for zip-lining was two hours long. At one point, we thought about tapping out and just sitting down some where and waiting. But still, we persisted. Eventually, we got to the top and were briefed on the process of zip lining.

And I will admit, the first line I did was exhilarating and incredible.

But, what they don’t tell you is that zip lining is actually boring as all fuck.

At a certain point, I wanted to just STOP. But there’s no way that you can stop. There’s was no safety person that I could flag down and ask if I could get a ride back to the main part of the park. And honestly, none of the staff seemed to care. So, literally, you HAVE to stay committed to zip lining to finish.

7 zip lines. I felt miserable. It took a little under an hour to finish. However, with my anemia, I was literally exhausted and just wanted a juice box, a snack and a nap.

Plus, at the end,  you zip line into water. The one thing I DID NOT want to end my day with.  I didn’t want to be wet. I just wanted to be at the hotel. Luckily, after zip lining was finished, our room was ready.

I never need to do another zip line situation again.


Overall, my feelings about Xcaret Xplor Park are mixed. Yes, it gave us something to do. But, at what cost? At the end of the experience, I was annoyed and wet from ziplining. But, did it check the boxes of “yay… I did it…?” and am I okay, looking back at it, that we did it.

Yeah, I guess so.

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Xcaret Xplor

Carretera Chetumal, Puerto Juarez Km 282
77710, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo Mexico
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