Shadow Grove Brewing

Shadow Grove Brewing in San Fernando is a chilled vibe brewery, serving seltzers alongside various uniques IPAs.

I love having cool friends that do cool shit like brew their own beer at a local brewery. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Shadow Grove Brewing twice in a week, both with my dear friend in pottery, Hilary. She and her husband brewed a pale ale, named THE CRYPTID’S CASKET during a private brewing session at the brewery. Naturally, as she was excited that it was time to tap the keg, I merrily met her and her friends at Shadow Grove Brewing and enjoyed it as well.

That night, the pizzas were served by Humble Boyz Catering. I absolutely loved eating the shared PEPPERONI WITH HOT HONEY alongside the PEPPERONI and the SWEET AND SPICY pizzas. They were so delicious, I ate until I was rather full.

Hilary’s beer, an smooth drinking ale with a great finish was a delight. I completely see why the cask was tapped out before the end of the night.

Later in the evening, I tried the Shadow Grove Brewing cream ale, FOOTPRINTS OF THE FAERIES. I found it delicious as well. Honestly, the conversation flowed as well as the beer flowed.

My next visit to Shadow Grove Brewing was for Hilary’s birthday party. Yet again, the vibes flowed as well as the beer.

This time, the food vendor was Zuly’s Kitchen. On the menu were PAMBAZOS and QUESADILLAS ASADAS. I ordered the quesadillas asadas, with the red guajillo pepper sauce from the pambazos fried on top of the tortilla. It was a rather tasty designed dish, if I do say so myself.

The heat from the pepper sauce was smoothed down with my first drink of the evening, Shadow Grove Brewing’s BITING PIXIE DEVIL 2.0, a hard seltzer with hints of black cherry.

My subsequent drinks, IT HUNTS AT NIGHT (black IPA) and THE HOPPY OWL (pale ale) were also solid choices.

Overall, Shadow Grove Brewing is a solid choice of a chill spot with rotating food vendors in the head of San Fernando.

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Shadow Grove Brewing

1116 2nd Street
San Fernando, California 91340
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