San Setto

Dinner at San Setto at the The Ritz-Carlton Bacara offered delicious modern takes on California styled Japanese cuisine, in Santa Barbara, California

During a weekend stay at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara, it was a pleasure to dine at San Setto. The best part – beside the food? The view of the Pacific Ocean and the overall look and decor of the restaurant.

Unparalleled for ocean front dining with a lovely, California coastal vibe? Priceless.


First out was the MISO SOUP (tofu, kombu, scallion) and CHILLED EDAMAME (togarashi spice, sea salt). The drinks were also delicious.



Next up was the SPICY TUNA ON CRISPY RICE (crispy rice, jalapeño, cilantro, kewpie) along with the YELLOWTAIL TIRADITO (lemon grass ponzu, miso powder, charred avocado, jalapeño, rice crisps). Yet again, 10s across the board. These pieces were absolutely delicious.



Finally up was the SPICY TUNA ROLL (jalapeño, kewpie, cucumber, avocado, scallion) and the PACIFIC LOBSTER ROLL (tuna, cucumber, spicy crispy leek).

Absolutely delicious.

During dinner, we sparked a conversation with a lovely couple next to us.

They’d just gotten married – well, eloped – in their room at the hotel. Instead of having a large reception immediately after, they used the rest of the stay at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara as their honeymoon.

They told me that they did things their own way – in their own time – for their own happiness. Their wedding wasn’t performative. It was just about the two of them and their love for each other. I truly took that to heart.

As an added bonus, I absolutely loved trying a piece of their WAGYU ROLL (Japanese A5 beef tartare, togarashi seared A5 tataki, toasted nori oil caviar, chive, 24k gold flake)

Above all, dinner and surprise conversation at San Setto truly brings home the fact that kindness in conversation with strangers can leave an affect that outlasts that moment – and shifts the lives of others.

To the couple that shared their happiness, I thank you.

And I hope you are still happy and living in harmony with your lives.

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San Setto

8301 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, California 93117
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