Lunch at SAL8 was a delicious balance between great conversation and scrumptious food in Agrigento

During my group tour with Luigi, outlined in “Agrigento, Italy: A Walking Tour of Ancient Sites Amidst a Rainstorm“, I decided I needed a bit of a break from the main group and wanted to find a place of my own to eat lunch. The group hive mind sometimes has great benefits. However, I need a healthy balance of being on my own, in new places.

Wanting to go on a local’s opinion of where best to eat lunch in Agrigento, I asked our tour guide, Luigi, of where to eat. He recommended SAL8 and offered to join me. Eager to actually have a conversation with a resident, I agreed.

At first glance, SAL8 felt rather small and unassuming. Until I was led upstairs. The unassuming first floor gave way to a grand WOW factor upstairs. The decor and ambiance of SAL8 took me completely by surprise.

At first, Luigi was only going to join me for a complimentary glass of PERLA DEL DOGE’S KONÈ BLANC DE BLANCS EXTRA DRY. But, I asked him to stay for lunch with me, which he agreed.

It was incredible to actually speak to a local about the effects of COVID-19 on the local town, how the refugees have affected the local economy and the effect of the flight from rural areas in the country. The conversation flowed like wine.

I took Luigi’s advice and got the LINGUINE AL GAMBERO ROSSO PESTO DI PISTACCHIO DI RAFFADALI E POMODORINO (Linguini with red prawns, Raffadali pistachio pesto and cherry tomatoes ).

With that, we clinked glasses of a local Sicilian white wine – TENUTA GORGHI TONDI’S COSTE A PREOLA GRILLO.

My conversation with Luigi was a connection on topics that transcend countries. We conversing about how important living a well developed, fully aware life is. How beautiful life is and how vibrant hope is. Especially, during the 2020 Pandemic and aftermath.

Lunch at SAL8 was a series of moments in time that I will not soon forget.

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Via Cesare Battisti, 8
92100, Agrigento AG Italy
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