Agrigento, Italy: A Walking Tour of Ancient Sites Amidst a Rainstorm

Our walking tour of Agrigento with our tour guide, Luigi, showcased a cornucopia of ancient cathedrals and a vintage theater while sidestepping raindrops

When our group from Sensational Sicily – Yoga, Culture + Self Discovery in Italy with Kimberly Larkin and James Bene met with our tour guide, Luigi, at the SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA DETTA DI SAN GERLANDO, I was immediately slack jawed at the sweeping landscape.

Our walking tour began at the highest point of Agrigento, at the Agrigento Cathedral. The panoramic view of rolling hills and cityscape to the Strait of Sicily was simply life giving.

The tour of the Cathedral was visually interesting. We walked up the bell tower as far as we could.

Next, our group continued to CHIESA DI SANTA MARIA DEI GRECI (The Church of St. Mary of the Greeks). It was interesting to see that, just like Rome, Agrigento was build on layers. The Church of St. Mary of the Greeks was built on top of a temple dedicated to Athena.

As we entered the church, the sky opened up in Agrigento. Light raindrops fell as we learned about the history of different cultures, conquering the area.

Once the rain subsided, we made our way down the steep pathways of old Agrigento.

I noticed the art along the way and tried to capture as much as I could.

Reaching another stopping point, we entered the TEATRO LUIGI PIRANDELLO. The theater was an incredibly beautiful European theater. It was intimate – yet grand. Spotlessly maintained, it was filled the ghosts of performers past illuminating the silence.

Towards the end of the walking tour, I asked Luigi for suggestions of where to go for lunch alongside other must see places in Agrigento. As we walked to his favorite gelateria,  INFURNA PASTICCERIA GIUSEPPE I stopped and took photos of the colorful alleyways and art along the way.

As an added bonus, he showed me his favorite restaurant, SAL8. SAL8 was exactly what I was looking for, for authentic local cuisine.

After our free time in Agrigento, we gathered as a group again to explore VALLE DE TEMPLE.

The TEMPLE OF CONCORDIA was magnificent against the cloud filled sky. It was incredible to note that the building were completed in 440-430 BC. It’s considered the best preserved Doric style of architecture in Europe.

Everything – from the Temple of Hera to the Olympeion field was visually incredible. It was absolutely magnificent to see the ancient legacies of the past.


It was truly a rich, visually beautiful time in Agrigento.

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Agrigento, Italy: A Walking Tour of Ancient Sites Amidst a Rainstorm

Agrigento, Italy
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