An Afternoon in Taormina: Basking in the Sunshine of the Western Coast of Sicily

My afternoon in Taormina served up luxurious White Lotus vibes in the beautiful coastal resort town in Sicily

To say that I wanted to live the best version of my life in Taormina for an afternoon was an understatement. It was a pull that I had, ever since I had the idea to revisit Italy, during the previous year. I knew that I wanted to visit Taormina, a beautiful seaside town on the eastern coast of Sicily. But, I had no idea what would bring me there.

One thing led to another and I found myself on the “Sensational Sicily – Yoga, Culture + Self Discovery in Italy” retreat with Kimberly Larkin and James Bene. What’s even more brilliant is that during the first few days of the retreat, a few of us got together and decided to plan a trip to Taormina.

I love it when a good plan comes together.

So, at 8am on a Friday, the day before the retreat ended, a small group of us boarded a Mercedes sprinter from the Messina and headed to the Sicilian coast.


Via Luigi Pirandello
Taormina, Sicily Italy

After settling in at BAR PIRANDELLO with the group, I ordered a cappuccino, of course. In developing our own plans, I knew that I just wanted to stroll and see what Taormina had to offer. I had no specific plan other than to walk the main corridor, eat a delicious lunch and perhaps buy a souvenir or two.

So, after developing our own personal plans, we split up. Entering the walls of the city, my journey of the Italian resort vibe began.


Corso Umberto 59
98039, Taormina, Sicily Italy

Something caught my eye in front of La Torinese di Lo Re Giuseppina  and I made my way in.

Immediately, my eyes browsed the selection of wines and landed on chocolates. The display of Sabadi chocolates, named after various cities in Sicily, politely asked me to spend money on them. So, I bought the Taormina, Agrigento and Palermo bars.


Corso Umberto I, 122
98039 Taormina ME, Italy

Originally, as we arrived in Taormina, I made one rule for myself:


I felt that I had full closet of clothes and a decent amount of accessories at home. Plus, I thought I was safe with not having my passport on me. And, I didn’t see the value in dealing with VAT refunds and estimating if I was actually saving money regarding Euros to Dollars. I thought this was a solid plan to circumvent any wayward glances.

Haha, that’s rich.

That is, until I meandered down Vitolo Marziani and saw something so beautiful that I legit stopped and stared. The florals, scattered among a bright white background with a red rolled hem made me stop in my tracks. Something legitimately pulled me into Christian Dior. With a force I DID NOT have when I visited the Paris store the previous year.

I found an absolutely beautiful, visually scrumptious scarf that I absolutely adored. When I touched it, it gave “You can look at me. But, don’t you dare try and bother me unless you can hold a conversation that doesn’t waste my time”.

But most importantly, it gave “I bought this in Taormina. And I will remember this moment when I wear this scarf.”

Plus, my salesperson at Dior only needed my passport number to complete the transaction. It was unexpectedly perfect.

Plus, the Christian Dior boutique in Taormina is one of the most beautiful shopping experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The Louis Vuitton store in Paris, where I was greeted with a cup of hot chocolate while I waited and a glass of champagne when I entered is still #1. With shopping at the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall being #2 (because, Dubai).

The Dior store was impeccable in its tasteful decor. As my scarf was being wrapped for me, I took photos of the upstairs terrance and beautiful lemon tree instillation at the stairs.


Corso Umberto, 150
98039 Taormina ME, Italy

The key thing about this Louis Vuitton is that the resort collection actually means resort collection. There was a nested envelope bag that immediately caught my eye. However, unlike Dior, my passport number simply would not due. So, I didn’t buy the bag. I made a mental note to check the Vuitton store in Venice when I visited. But, I was unattached.

However, I believe the reason I walked into LV and met Claudia was the answer to the most important question of the day: If I wanted to buy a pinecone – one of the symbols of Sicilian culture – where was the best place on the boulevard to find a good one?

With written instructions in hand, I followed her directions to Ceramiche e Terracotta.


Vico Romano
Taormina 98039

The store, Ceramiche e Terracotta, was across from Pinocchio, up a few stunningly decorated steps, off of Corso Umberto I.

Here, the quality of Sicilian keepsakes and memorabilia was much higher than expected. I purchased a multicolored pinecone to bless my home.

Why are pinecones so prominent in Sicily?

In Sicilian tradition, pinecones represent health, good luck and prosperity within the home.

After buying my new keepsakes, I continued to walk Corso Umberto I, taking in the sights and sounds of the area.


Via Naumachia, 25
98039 Taormina ME, Italy

Desiring a spot for lunch, I reviewed my options. I thought about Wunderbar, but wasn’t pulled into the menu. I walked down to the highly recommended Osteria da Rita. But, I arrived literally one table too late for lunch service.

So, I walked over to Bistrot du Monde.

I was better for it.

Read more about my time in my review: Bistrot Du Monde.



Via di Giovanni, 17, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

I wanted one more thing of note from Sicily: Marzipan. Enter La Bottega del Buongustaio. Once I walked into the store, I was delighted. Marzipan molded into various recognizable fruits were everywhere.

I quickly settled on a few little marzipan fruit gift boxes and limoncello liquors before heading on my way.


Via Luigi Pirandello

Soon, it was time to regroup with my fellow day trippers and head back to the villa. To get to Mazzaro in the most picturesque way possible, I decided to take the funivia (the cable car) down to the beach.

The panoramic views of the resort town’s coastline was enchanting. The short trip down was the best conclusion to my wonderful afternoon in Taormina.

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An Afternoon in Taormina: Basking in the Sunshine of the Western Coast of Sicily

Taormina, Italy
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